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Privacy Policy


1.  Definition

LARUE’N’ROLL VINTAGE BOUTIQUE is an online shop in vintage apparel and accessories. It has no physical store and orders can only be placed online and received by mail only. Personal pick-ups can be made by request only. 

2. Applicability

Our terms and conditions apply to all offers, orders and agreements closed through the website https://fifilarue.com/shop-1?olsPage=products   and they exclude all possible other general conditions of sales.

Accepting an offer and/or placing an order means accepting the applicability of these conditions.

3. Agreements

An agreement is established after accepting an offer on our website by the customer. LARUE’N’ROLL VINTAGE BOUTIQUE is authorized to refuse orders or to ask for additional information. If an order is not accepted, this will be reported to the customer, mentioning the reason of rejection.

4. Prices

Prices of the items mentioned on the product page include VAT on orders within the USA. 

Delivery costs are (unless otherwise stated) not included in these prices. Before closing the agreement, the total price including the shipping costs is announced through our website.

5.  Payments

As of right now, we accept PayPal as the only form of payment. A customer's order can be subject to certain payment- and ordering conditions. After placing an order, the customer will receive an immediate confirmation by e-mail with the total, including the shipping costs. 

6. Delivery

LARUE’N’ROLL VINTAGE BOUTIQUE strives to offer all orders for dispatch on the same day, but no later than 2 business days after receipt of the payment. You will also receive a status update on your order including a USPS tracking number. 

Slight variations in color other than pictured or price changes are reserved. 

8.  Exchange or returns

At this time, we are not accepting returns of any kind. 


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